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In case you haven’t tried Vino Cotto di Montillo before, it is an alcohol-free specialty food item. It’s smooth and has a delicious, refined flavor that hints of grapes, figs, plums, and raisins. It’s made of 100% premium wine grapes, nothing else.

Vino Cotto di Montillo is produced under stringent conditions and in small, limited-quantity batches. Like fine wine, but without the alcohol, Vino Cotto’s flavor and texture are characteristic of each vintage. What doesn’t change is it’s always delicious! It is naturally sweet, but not too sweet, and is a healthy condiment and ingredient used in sweet and savory foods.

Several pounds of wine grapes are needed to make just one bottle, so its flavor is rich–a little goes a long way! Finally, a sweetener that tastes great, is versatile, and also provides a natural source of energy, polyphenols, flavanols, and antioxidants that benefit your autoimmune system.

How to Use Vino Cotto

Quickly turn your meals into flavorful, culinary masterpieces. Vino Cotto is so good over baked ham, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and wild game–even over salmon and shrimp! Bump up the flavor of your vegetables, like broccolini, string beans, and Brussels sprouts! Don’t stop there…Top your favorite yogurt, ice cream, cheeses, and fruits, like strawberries. Enhance baked desserts. Create tasty sauces, marinades, glazes, balsamic vinegar, and balsamic dressings, too!

Attention beer lovers! With just a drizzle of Vino Cotto, transform an ice-cold glass of beer, like Miller Lite, into a refreshing, full-bodied, lager-style beverage. With its flavors of plums and raisins and the balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness, your bubbly, now amber-colored, beer feels smoother as it glides over your tongue and tastes better with every sip.

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Since October 2008, authentic Vino Cotto has been carefully produced by Montillo Italian Foods in the U.S. We follow our family’s 4th generation method from Calabria, Italy.

Throughout the Mediterranean, dating back to ancient Roman times, Vino Cotto’s been a natural sweetener and flavor enhancer. Now you can enjoy all of its benefits, too!

Unique Qualities of Vino Cotto di Montillo:

  • Limited, small batch production to ensure quality control;
  • Made 100% of premium wine grapes;
  • Alcohol free;
  • Except for naturally-occurring sulfites found in grapes, Vino Cotto is free of all preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, colorants, and sweeteners making it a healthier choice;
  • A natural source of energy, polyphenols, flavanols, and antioxidants for a healthier autoimmune system;
  • An easy to use, simple syrup consistency that when reduced over low heat can be thickened as desired;
  • Exquisite flavor profile featuring hints of grapes, figs, plums, and raisins;
  • Its versatility enhances a wide assortment of sweet and savory foods;
  • It’s also that delicious, sweet flavor you taste in condiment balsamic vinegar. Now you can make a custom-blended balsamic vinegar using just two ingredients, Vino Cotto and your favorite red wine vinegar. Its uses are limitless!

Order yours today then savor the flavor…Buon appetito!

We appreciate your business and support. Thank you!

Warm regards,

Greg & Deena Montillo

Vino Cotto di Montillo

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Vino Cotto di Montillo - 8"H x 2"D, 8 oz. (227.3 mL) bottle