About Us

Today and for over 100 years in the historic mountaintop town of Montepaone in Calabria, Italy, the Montillo family makes homemade wine and vino cotto (cooked wine syrup) for their personal use.

Montepaone, Italy in Calabria majestically overlooks the Ionian Sea.
Photos by Ryan Tibbert, August 19, 2017

Beginning in 1970, Vito Montillo began moving his family from their southern Italian home to Newton, Massachusetts to begin their new life together. There, they carried on these traditions.

In August 2008, husband and wife team Gregorio (Greg) Montillo and Deena Conti Montillo followed their dream to be the first to produce authentic vino cotto commercially in the United States and established Montillo Italian Foods. Just two months later, full of hope and enthusiasm, their first bottle of Vino Cotto di Montillo was sold. Over the years, they’ve received complements from their Italian customers who say it tastes just the way they remembered it as a kid living in the old country. For Greg and Deena, hearing these words equals success and warms their hearts.

Gregorio and Deena Montillo

Gregorio and Deena Montillo

Greg and Deena are very proud to share part of their Italian heritage with you. They’ve made it possible for you to experience authentic vino cotto, also known as vincotto originale, by sourcing only the best California wine grapes, supporting US workers and their families and following all US FDA regulations for a safe, shelf-stable product. The end result is a delicious, healthy syrup that’s been enjoyed for centuries throughout the Mediterranean--dating back to biblical times.

Now it’s your turn to taste why this syrup stands the test of time while discovering new ways to enhance your family’s favorite foods.