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Today and for over 100 years in the historic, mountaintop town of Montepaone in Calabria, Italy, the Montillo family makes homemade wine and Vino Cotto (a naturally sweet, cooked wine condiment and ingredient) for their personal use.

In 1970, Vito Montillo, Gregorio’s father, moved his family from their southern Italian home to Newton, Massachusetts where they started a new life together, carrying on most of their wonderful Italian traditions. To this day, one of Greg’s favorite things to do is make award-winning homemade wine and Vino Cotto.

Guided by a deep appreciation for their Italian heritage, husband and wife team, Greg (Gregorio) and Deena Montillo embarked on a mission to share their family’s culinary legacy with the world. In 2008, they founded Montillo Italian Foods (MIF), becoming the pioneers of authentic Vino Cotto production in the United States. They produce this specialty food item in limited, small quantity batches.  Like making fine wine, each vintage of wine grapes used to make their Vino Cotto has its own unique flavor and texture.

With a commitment to quality, Greg and Deena source only the finest California wine grapes, supporting U.S. workers and their families. Following strict FDA regulations, they produce Vino Cotto di Montillo–the delicious and healthy natural sweetener that’s been enjoyed for centuries throughout the Mediterranean.

Experience the time-honored flavor of Vino Cotto, dating back to ancient Roman times, and let Montillo Italian Foods bring a taste of tradition to your table. Order a bottle today and discover why Vino Cotto stands the test of time while enhancing your family’s favorite foods.

Embrace the Multitude of Benefits That Vino Cotto Brings to Your Culinary Repertoire. Let Its Exquisite Flavor, Versatility, and Health-Conscious Qualities Inspire Your Creativity in the Kitchen. Elevate Your Dishes to New Heights with This Exceptional Gourmet Syrup.