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Having trouble at Check Out?

My selections are in the shopping cart. I want to pay using my credit card, not a PayPal account. What should I do?

1. In the shopping cart, enter your zip code then select "Calculate."
2. Under the shipping section, select the left "Check Out" button.
3. An "Order Summary" will be on the left side of your screen.
4. Two pay options are given to the right of your "Order Summary." The top section lets you pay using your PayPal account.
5. However, to pay by credit card, look below the PayPal option for a gold right arrow with a link titled, “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Select this link.
6. This opens a secure PayPal screen which asks for your credit card and shipping information. NOTE: You are not paying with PayPal, but PayPal is processing your secure credit card order.
7. When done, select "Review and Continue" to submit your order.
8. If you need more assistance, the quickest way to get a reply is to email us. Someone will be happy to contact you soon.

My selections are in the shopping cart, but the price seems higher than it should be. What's wrong?

1. At check out, be sure the "Quantity" field has a “1” in it.
2. If you selected "2 bottles at $22.75" from the drop-down menu but entered “2” in the "Quantity" field at check out, your order will be doubled. You would receive four bottles of vino cotto, instead of two, and your price would increase to $43.25.

Where's my credit card's CSC number? It's required at check out.

Except for American Express, you can find the CSC number on the back of your card. It is 3 digits long and located to the right of your signature. The CSC number on American Express cards is on the front of the card in the upper right corner. It is 4 digits long.

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