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Montillo Italian Foods is a family-owned and operated
business established in August 2008. Husband and wife team Gregorio (Greg) and
Deena Montillo are the first U.S. producers of authentic Vino Cotto (vincotto), a naturally sweet cooked wine syrup.

Each fall when the Montillo family makes wine, they also make vino cotto for their personal use. They've done so for over 100 years (4 generations) in a small, historic mountaintop town called Montepaone in Calabria, Italy.

In 1970, Greg's immediate family moved to Massachusetts from Italy where they carried on these wonderful traditions. In August 2008, Greg and Deena followed their dream to be the first to produce vino cotto commercially in the United States. Sales for their first batch began in October 2008.

Greg and Deena are very proud to share with you a piece of their Italian heritage.
Vino cotto is used as both a condiment and ingredient which families throughout the Mediterranean have enjoyed for centuries, dating back to biblical times. Now itís your turn to taste this versatile syrup from the past and discover news ways to enhance your favorite foods.

Montepaone, Italy in Calabria majestically overlooks the Ionian Sea.
Photo by Deena Montillo, August 2017

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