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Cheesecake with Vino Cotto

Recipe by Montillo Italian Foods, 2009 all rights reserved


6 slices Cheesecake (chilled, homemade or store-bought cheesecake)
1/2 cup Vino Cotto di Montillo*

* Vino Cotto can be poured directly from the bottle over cheesecake. Delicious! For a thicker syrup consistency, follow the directions below:


1. In a small sauce pan, add vino cotto and bring to a slow boil over low-medium heat. Reduce vino cotto to desired consistency.

2. Remove from heat and transfer into a gravy boat or creamer.

To Serve: Place a slice of cheesecake onto each plate. Drizzle vino cotto directly over the cheesecake and around the plate as a garnish for added flavor and color. Serve chilled.

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